Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Review

Hello Lovelies,

As winter is fast approaching us Southern Hemispherians - is that even a word ? - I find my self both excited about the new wintery hues I can wear, but also sad about saying sayonara to gorgeous summery pops of colour. Being a massive lover of make-up, of course I couldn't completely leave summer behind and as soon as I saw this Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte in "Matte 1 Peach", I knew I had to have it ! 

I picked mine up from Chemist Warehouse - a discount chemist in Australia - and payed $8.48 as it was on sale but they retail for $16.95. The Bold Matte range contains 5 different shades, including a nude, a peach, and 3 reds. On the Maybelline website, they promise "More vivid colour, packed with brighter matte pigments to infuse the most luminous shades without drying your lips" as well as "Enriched with honey nectar for visibly moisturised lips with an incredibly smooth touch.

The lipstick is a gorgeous shade of neon-pink. Even though the name suggests its matte, I wouldn't say it's not completely matte, more a semi matte, slightly velvety finish, as it still keeps some moisture on the lip. Each colour comes packaged in a colour coded casing, which means you don't have to check the bottom of the tube to check which colour you've picked up. The inner casing where the lipstick sits, is a gorgeous mirrored plastic, which gives an added chic feel to the packaging. 

Though it contains moisturising properties, I'd definitely recommend making sure your lips are well moisturised before applying it, as dry patches will be made more obvious due to the finish of the lipstick. If you're not a fan of a semi-matte finish, or prefer more of a glossy finish, you could always add a coat of clear gloss over the top, to give some added shine to your lips, without disturbing the actual colour of the lipstick.

 It definitely lasts a good 1-2 hours, depending on whether you're eating, drinking, etc, plus the added bonus is even once its worn off, your lips still have a pink stain to them. Another great thing about this product I found as it began to wear off, it didn't wear off like a normal lipstick would - leaving you with a bare lip and horrendous lip line - instead I found this gradually faded evenly, into a slightly less pigmented neon pink, until you were left with a slight pink stain to the lip.

If you're looking for an affordable long wearing lipstick to add to your collection, I'd definitely recommend checking out the Maybelline color Sensational Bold Matte range.

I'd love to here if you've tried out any of the Maybelline Color Sensations and your experience with them :)

Have an incredible rest of the week and I will see you next Wednesday !

Veroniieecar :) xx


  1. The finish looks really nice, definitely doesn't look completely matte.
    The packaging reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters.

    1. It feels so lovely when it's on :) Yeah it's basically identical to a Lip Butter that I have xx


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