Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Oh My Lash! Sweetheart Collection Review

Hello Lovelies,

I'm back this week with a very exciting product review! Now I know false lashes aren't for everyone - and at first I even found them quite intimidating - but like with anything, all you need is a little practice and you'll get the hang of them. I had been following the company “Oh My Lash” for a while on Instagram and one day came across their "Sweetheart Collection". When I found out that you only had to pay for postage - If I remember correctly I only paid $8 for shipping -  I thought it was a win win opportunity, plus I seriously couldn't pass up the super cute packaging ! I ordered the lashes on a Thursday afternoon and they were delivered to my front door the following Wednesday, which given that they came from America - and were just regular postage - I thought was pretty freaking quick. All these lashes have quite a thick band, which means a little practice will be needed, as a thicker band means they're slightly harder to apply, but none the less, the lashes are gorgeous.

I thought I'd go from the most "natural" looking lash to the most "false” looking one, so here it goes !

Chelsea Lashes. 
First are the Chelsea lashes, which are definitely the most wearable and “natural” out of the collection. It's in the style of a "Demi wispy” where the lashes are shorter on the inside and gradually get longer towards the outside – just like natural human lashes. This style of lashes is by far my favourite as they add fullness and length but still mimic the natural shape of your lashes. They are also great if you’re wanting to jazz up a winged eye look and slightly intensify the cat eye effect.

Jo Jo Lashes.
Next up are the Jo Jo lashes which similar to the "Chelsea" lashes are still quite soft and flirty but these are longest in the center and gradually get shorter either side. These lashes would be a great option if you were still wanting the slightly more natural look, but with a bit more drama. The lashes have a gorgeous criss-cross pattern which means they blend easier into your own lashes.

Barbara Lashes.
This is definitely the first pair of the much more dramatic. These lashes are incredibly feathery and fluttery, which will give you that almost sultry bedroom eye look. These would be a great addition to your makeup if you were heading out, as a flash can often wash out your makeup and make it look a lot less intense than it actually is, so these would be great for amping up a gorgeous smokey eye on a night out

Desiree Lashes
And last but not least are the Desiree lashes, which by far are the most dramatic out of the collection. These lashes are almost doll like with that very thick pointed style . If you're not into the very heavy lash look, I definitely wouldn't recommend these, but if you're looking for that super intense lash look or maybe even just to have a play around with, then these would be great !

If you are wanting inexpensive lashes but not wanting to forgo quality, then I highly recommend Oh My Lash! The Sweetheart Collection is no longer available but they have so many varieties of lashes starting from as little as $5.75 Or sets of 3 from $16.50, which I think is incredible value for money.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks review and I'll see you next Wednesday with a tutorial on some "Everyday" wearable makeup looks. Have an incredible rest of the week and weekend !

Veroniieecar xx :)


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