Friday, 16 October 2015

My Top 5 Spring/Summer Must Haves!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you've all been well ! So when it comes to the warmer weather, I am not always the biggest fan. Don't get me wrong, when the sun starts shining and there's a gorgeous scent to the air from the blooming trees, I thoroughly enjoy it, but as soon as we get hit with those over 35 degree days and the sweat kicks in  - you know what I'm talking about haha - I would happily take back winter in a heart beat ! So to help ease into the Spring/Summer season just that little bit easier  - and a little bit more fashionable - I thought I'd put together my top 5 Spring/Summer must haves !

Spring/Summer Must Haves

Printed Kimono's

Kimono, Kaftan, Cover-Up, whatever you want to call it, these things are the ! Being a little bit more body conscious than I'd like to be, these are a god send when you're wanting a bit of coverage, minus the sweltering heat of a jacket or cardigan - and come on, they're freaking cute as well ! Paired with anything from a simple maxi dress to a bathing suit at the beach, they are incredibly versatile. Online stores such as Asos, Miss Guided and Boohoo, stock so many different styles and colours, that there's definitely one to suit everyone !

Sun-Kissed Skin

I know this may not be for everyone, but for me, glowing tanned skin is a must in the warmer weather ! I think it's incredible when some is proud and rocks their pale skin, for me though, it gives me an added boost of confidence and just helps me feel a bit more put together. Whether you're just a beginner or prefer the convenience of a self tanner, or like to go all out with an at-home spray tan, a gorgeous glow to the skin can make the world of difference ! Being someone who is naturally incredibly pale - and I mean PALE ! - I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences with at-home tanning, I think it all comes down to which products work best with your skin and practice makes perfect ! Depending on the colour you want to achieve, you can go for a natural glow with a gradual tanner all the way through to a gorgeous airbrush effect with a spray tan machine.


Given that I have blue eyes, even the slightest bit of sun makes me squint like you wouldn't believe, so when it comes to sunglasses, I don't play around ! Obviously with sunglasses the appearance is very important, but what also needs to be remembered is UV protection. Making sure your sunglasses have a high UV protection rating is what's going to shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun and well as minimising any damage caused to your eyes whilst out in sunlight. Depending on where you purchase your sunglasses from, if they don't happen to already tell you what the UV protection rating is, simply flick them an email or ask in store and they should be able to give you more info on them.

Bright Lipstick

LIPS ! Everyone loves a good lip colour, whether you prefer to go in the nude - on the lip, of course !  Get your mind out of the gutters LOL - or like to go all out with a deep vampy lip, I think Spring and Summer calls for busting out your bright lippies and wearing them with confidence. I've had many people say to me before they "can't wear bright lipsticks" or bright and loud lipsticks look "weird on them", but the important thing to remember is that, finding the right shade for you can make the world of difference ! Just having a play around with different shades and working out what you prefer and what you think looks rocking on you, can add that bit of oomph to any makeup look. Taking a few tester selfies in different lighting can often help a lot too !

Bright Nail Polish

Similar to a bright bold lip colour, a vibrant coat of nail polish can jazz up any look ! Brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline stock some really gorgeous summer shades for under $10 - some even less than $5 ! Coming from someone who can have some pretty manky nails most of the time, I know how daunting nail polish can be, but sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down and giving yourself a little pamper session with a manicure and a fresh coat of polish.

I hope you all enjoyed finding out what my top 5 Spring/Summer must haves, what are some on your list ?

Have a fabulous weekend and I will speak to you soon :)


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