Monday, 23 February 2015

Save or Splurge: L'Oreal Vs. Benefit

Hello Lovelies !

Welcome back ! I know I have been away for almost a month, I have just been super busy with studying and various family and friends events. I am back today with a new series that I'm hoping to continue on my blog "Save or Splurge". In this series, I will be taking two very similar products, one from a drugstore or more affordable brand and the other from a higher end or more expensive brand and comparing the two. Today I will be comparing the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Magic Touch Blur and the Benefit the POREfessional*.

Check the table at the bottom of the post for a comparison overview !

The L'oreal Magic Touch Blur retails for $22.95 Australian dollars( Pssst! Chemist Warehouse sells it for $19.39), where as the Benefit POREfessional retails for $53. Though the POREfessional costs more, you end up getting far more product with a whopping 22ml (0.75 fl. oz), unlike the Magic Touch Blur which only contains 15ml (0.50 fl. oz). Both promise to smooth the appearance of pores, as well as helping your make-up to last longer on the face. They are also great for guys who want an added boost of confidence to help hide any visible pores or unwanted shine, as they blend out to an undetectable flawless finish.

Benefit states that the POREfessional  "contains a Vitamin E Derivative". Vitamin E can help protect the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, such as aging. Similarly the Magic Touch Blur contains optical blur polymers which helps to create a soft focus look to the skin, blurring the appearance of aging such as fine lines. The POREfessional contains a very slight sweet floral scent, similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, though the Magic Touch blur has no scent.

In the picture below I've compared how both of them blend out and both end up exactly the same in appearance. The only difference is I find with the Magic Touch blur being a lot thicker, it fills in my pores on my face a lot more than the POREfessional does. Don't be put off by the tint of either of them, because as you can see, once blended out the tint fades.

Personally I much prefer the Magic Touch Blur, not only because of the price, but I find with the thicker consistency it fills in my pores a lot better as well as giving my skin a much more velvety finish.

Comparison overview

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post and the first of my "Save or Splurge" series. Let me know of any other product comparisons you'd like me to do !

I also uploaded a video last week of my everyday eyebrow routine, if you haven't checked it out !

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I will talk to you soon !

Veroniieecar :) xx


  1. I will definitely give the Loreal one a try! I have seeing a lot of people loving it lately!


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