Friday, 6 March 2015

My Go-To HandBag Emergency Kit

Hello Lovelies,

When it comes to my handbag, whether it's the poor girl in a club toilet needing a tampon - yes, I have absolutely no shame offering her one - or being out and about with a friend and needing a nail file for a pesky bit of rough nail, I pretty much have it all. I used to pack literally as much as could fit in my handbag, as I am incredibly good at convincing myself "but what if I need it ?!", so now I have managed to dwindle down my handbag necessities into my go-to emergency kit. Obviously you could totally personalise this to your own requirements... Don't like nail scissors ? Swap them for a pair of nail cutters. Always needing a hair tie, as well as some bobby pins, through in a couple of them as well - I can't even begin to tell you how many hair ties I have given to my friends, over the years !

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

First off in my kit, is my trusty tube of Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. The thing I love about this is that it's a multipurpose product. Not only can I use it on my lips, as a lip balm but I can also use it for any dry patches, scratches or burns I may have on my body. As well as smoothing down any unruly eyebrows hairs and pesky little fly aways.

Pads + Tampons

Pads and Tampons ! Most, if not all of us need them ! Like I said in the introduction, I have no shame when it comes to anything period related, it's natural, it happens, so why be embarrassed about it ?! At all times of the month, even if you don't need them, chances are someone else will. Whether it's your best friend, or a random girl in a public toilet, there is nothing more (relieving) than when someone has a spare pad or tampon that you can have, when you're in desperate need

Nail File, Tweezers + Nail Scissors

When it comes to nails, I find there is nothing more annoying than when you're out and about and have a rough edge on you nails or those gross bits of dry skin on your cuticle that you feel will rip your finger in half, if you were to try and pull it off. This is where having tools such as a nail file, tweezers and nail scissors seriously comes in SO handy ! For Christmas one year, one of my sisters bought my other sisters and I cute little manicure sets from ASOS which came in these handy - get it ! - little cases which would fit perfectly into a handbag emergency kit, but of course, clumsy old me has misplaced it on many occasions, so instead I just keep cheap options in my bag, so I'm not worried if I lose of misplace them. If you're interested in the manicure sets, I'd recommend having a look at websites, such as ASOS, TopShop, River Island and eBay, as well as at your local chemists and drugstores, as I'm sure they're bound to have them !

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pin, Kirby Grip, Hair Grip, whatever you want to call them, they are almost essential for anyone that has hair. Whether you need to change up your hair to something more night time appropriate after school or work, or you just have those little bits of hair that don't quite make it into your bun or ponytail.
They're also great at temporarily holding any button holes together, until you're able to reattach the button, they were a life saver for me during high school with having to wear white button down shirts and having a large bust.

Band Aids

If you're anything like me, and manage to get a scratch, god knows how or you torture yourself by wearing those pair of heels that are far too cute for just sitting on your shoe rack, then band aids are a must ! You never know when a situation may arise where you or someone else may need one. If you're someone who's prone to getting hurt, or experiences headaches, cramps, etc, then I'd also recommend including a card of pain killers, such as Panadol or Ibuprofen, as you never know when a nasty little pain will make itself known.

I hope you all enjoyed my post on whats in my go-to handbag emergency kit. If you have one, what's in yours ? Or if you don't, what would be some essentials that you'd pack ?

Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you soon !

Veroniieecar :) xx


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