Monday, 7 April 2014

The Liebster Award

Hello Lovelies,

I've got a bonus post this week, as I was nominated for another Liebster Award ! As some of you may or may not know, I had previously done a Liebster award post, but it somehow was deleted/vanished/who knows... Technology hey ?! I was lucky enough to be nominated for a second time, this time by the gorgeous Joanna from JoannaSprinkles. So a massive thank-you to her and definitely go check her out, her blog is amazing :)

A quick rundown of what a Liebster Award is, it's where you're nominated by a blogger, who asks you 11 questions and also 11 random facts about yourself. You then answer the questions and random facts, thennominate 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers. They have to answer the 11 questions that you ask them and also add 11 facts about themselves. Each of those people then tag another 11 people and so on and so forth :)  

So without further ado, let's get on with the questions ! :)

What is your absolute favourite beauty product?
Gosh, that's hard to choose ! I don’t think I have just one, but I’d probably say a good eyebrow pencil or shadow, is a definite must ! I don’t feel put together without my eyebrows filled in.

If you had to smell of one thing for the rest of your life, what smell would you pick?
I'd probably go with a simple vanilla scent, as I think it's such a gorgeous smell, plus it can go with every occasion.

Do you prefer statement eyes or statement lips?
Oh, I can’t choose ! For a night out, I usually go for a statement eye, because I don’t have to keep reapplying it like I would with a statement lip, but I do also love a subtle eye with a statement lip as well. It just depends how I’m feeling on the night.

Would you rather put your makeup on in the dark with no mirror or with a mirror on a really bumpy car journey? 
110% with a mirror on a really bumpy car journey ! At least you'll have a mirror and light coming through the car windows, whereas, who knows where your make-up would end up if you're applying it without a mirror, let alone, in the dark ! Plus you can always apply it when you're stopped at traffic lights and the cars not moving.

What do you look for in a blog?
I don't think I look for anything too specific, but probably just something that's bright and easy to read and definitely plenty of pictures so you can see what the person is talking about, instead of just having to imagine it.

Favourite spring/summer beauty trend?
I love a gorgeous gold look, with a bronzed eye and golden highlight on the cheek, as well as a fresh and simple face with a bright pop of pink or coral on the lips.

Favourite spring/summer fashion trend?
I definitely can't go past a good pastel piece, whether it’s a cute skirt, or even a simple t-shirt. I just think pastel colours look gorgeous on anyone and brighten up an entire outfit.

What superpower would you want? 
If I could choose anything in the world, I’d probably say – like most girls - to be able to eat anything and not gain a pound... That could be a superpower, right ?

Favourite makeup tip? 
My favourite make-up tip, would be on how to create a no fail winged eyeliner with a piece of sticky tape. By placing a small piece of tape under your eye on the angle you’d like your eyeliner to be, simply do all your eye make-up, then gently peel off the tape and you’ll be left with a super crisp line, which is often almost impossible to get by doing it free hand.

What is your biggest regret about blogging? 
My biggest regret about blogging would be for not starting it sooner, I was contemplating starting a beauty blog over a year ago, but always just felt too scared and embarrassed to make one in case people didn't like it. Finally at the beginning on this year, I decided to bite the bullet and not care what others thought and finally make my blog.

What are your top pieces of advice for anyone thinking about starting a blog? 
The first main piece of advice would be, that if you’re wanting to start a blog, just do it ! Who cares what others think or say, there’s always going to be people who have something negative to say, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from doing what you want to do. Also, to blog about things that you’re passionate about, as that will come through in your writing. If you write about things just because others are, people may get the feeling that you don’t actually enjoy it. So just write about what you love.  

11 Random Facts about Me:
1. I'm 1/5 kids. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother
2. I'm naturally a blonde 
3. I have a weird obsession with documentaries, particularly animal and history ones
4. I love cassowaries. They're a type of bird, with this gorgeous blue and red/orange neck and have a massive horn on the top of their head, plus they're super territorial and can be incredibly vicious ! Don't ask me why, I just find them really cool.
5. I'd love to live in England one day, it just seems like such a gorgeous place to live. Plus the accents sound so lovely !
6. I have a gorgeous best friend, Jordon. We've known each other since we were 6 years old and I honestly don't know what I'd do without him! Ladies, he's currently single ;)
7. I've never been overseas
8. I currently have 7 piercings: 3 in one ear, 2 in the other, my nose and my tongue
9. I can play the clarinet - not very well though haha
10. I have a black cat, named sticks, who seriously meows all the time ! And no, she hasn't brought me any bad luck... yet
11. I have loved make-up since as long as I can remember, I even found one of my sisters lipsticks when I was a baby and ate it.

The 11 gorgeous girls that I tag are:

1. Shayley:
11. And You !!

The questions I ask are:
1. If you had to eat 1 meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) for the rest of your life, what would it be ?
2. What is the biggest letdown beauty product you have ever used ?
3. If you could meet someone dead/alive, who would it be and why ?
4. What is one social media account, you can't live without ?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be ? And why ?
6. What's your go to Movie/TV Show you watch on a rainy day ?
7. If you could be on the cover on any magazine, which one would it be ? and Why ?
8. What's one thing that you always do to relax ?
9. Do you have any major talents, if so, what are they ?
10. If you could go back in time, what era would you choose and why ?
11. If you could only use 5 beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be ?

I hope you enjoyed reading my 2nd Liebster award nomination, be sure to check out the other girls I tagged and have a read of their answers as well and I shall see you on Wednesday with my iHerb Haul/Review !

Veroniieecar :) xx


  1. Aw thanks for the tag, that's so lovely of you! I don't even think I know 11 bloggers haha but I'll tag as many as I can!! Xx

    1. No problems lovely ! The first time I did the tag, I found it so hard to find 11 bloggers, but I just spent some time on bloglovin' and ended up finding plenty :) xx

    2. I posted my one up, I wasn't sure what to call it haha. Would you mind having a look to see if I did it right? :3 xx


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