Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Stretchmarks, Scars and Blemishes.... Eeek !

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you've all been well ! So I want to talk about something today, that I personally think is still quite a taboo in todays society... Stretchmarks and scars ! Now I know it's not the end of the world, if someone points out a scar or a stretchmark or asks why you have them, but if you are insecure or ashamed about having them in the first place, then chances are it's just going to make you feel even more insecure and bring unwanted attention to them.


I've had stretchmarks pretty much since I was 12 years old. Having gone through puberty basically overnight  - I swear I woke up one morning with a pair of boobs and hips - I've had them for quite a long time now and as much as I may not like them, they are a part of me and are there for a reason. I'm not going to sit here and tell you how much I love my stretchmarks or how much I love having them on show for everyone and their dog to see, because I would be lying, but as I'm getting older, I'm learning just to deal with them and accepting them as part of my body. In saying that, I still love trying out my fair share of scar and stretchmark fading lotions and oils and have recently come across the Eco. Erase Natural Body Oil*

Eco. Erase Natural Body Oil contains a range of oils that help nourish and repair the skin, including: Sunflower, Olive, Coconut and Vitamin E. The oil is made in Australia and comes from 100% natural ingredients. It comes in a 95ml bottle, with a snap top lid, which is incredibly secure and won't come open. Another great thing about the bottle, is that it needs a little bit of pressure added to it, to squeeze the oil out the top, so you don't have to worry about it all pouring out into your hand and wasting a lot of it.

The oil is recommended to be applied twice a day on damp skin and massaged gently into the skin. I personally only use it every night after my shower, because let's be real, I'm just to lazy to apply it morning and night. I focus the majority of the oil on my chest, hips and bum, then just rub any remaining oil on my stomach and arms, just for a bit of added moisture to my skin. I've definitely already seen a difference in my skin, with it appearing softer and my stretchmarks less pigmented.

This is definitely no miracle cure for stretchmarks and nothing is going to make them disappear over night, but with continued use, this will assist in benefiting the overall appearance of your skin and help make your stretchmarks look less prominent. When it comes to ways of healing the skin and fading marks, you always have to be realistic, some products will work better for some than others and always remember that it takes time and commitment to regularly applying the product to see any sort of benefit. You won't see them disappear after one application, just like you don't see abs after 30 sit ups haha

v v The Eco. Erase Body Oil can be bought at the link below v v

I just want to finish off by saying that, whether you choose to do something to speed up the fading of your stretchmarks and scars or not, you should never let anyone else ever make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about having them, no matter where they are on your body :)

I hope you all have an incredible rest of the week and I will see you all on Thursday with a new video !

Veroniieecar :) xx


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