Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Skin Saviour Products For Surviving Autumn/Winter Weather

Hello Lovelies,

As much as we may hate to admit it, March is already fast approaching, which means that so too is autumn for the Southern Hemisphere. This also means plenty of cold weather, rain, wind and of course, dry skin. There's nothing worse than in the middle of autumn and winter, when you're wanting to look your best, but all you can notice is your dry, cracked and flaky skin. So, to help you all out and let you in on some of my go-to tricks, I've  put together some of my staple cold weather beauty products and how I use them. Enjoy !

First off, is what I like to call my - "do-er of all things" - yes, I know that isn't a real word, but seriously, I can't see how I lived before using Coconut Oil. I get the "Spiral Organic Coconut Oil" from Woolworth's as it's organic and only $6.45. Not only is it a super healthy oil to cook with, it is also totally multi-purpose when it comes to your skin. I personally use it on everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - as a hair mask, a night time face moisturiser, a body oil, a hand moisturiser, the list goes on and on. It won't leave you feeling slick and greasy as you may assume, with the natural warmth of your skin, it immediately absorbs right in, leaving you with incredibly moisturised skin and a gorgeous glow. Coconut oil can be found at health food stores and your local supermarket.

Next up is the product I use for when I want a really intensive night time moisturiser, before I put my pyjamas on. I know it's called "Derma Mum" and aimed at pregnant women and stretch marks, but seriously, with the amount of different oils that are in this, it leaves your skin so supple and soft. It's super creamy texture means a lot goes a long way, so the massive tub lasts a very long time. The only down side to it, is I personally don't really like the smell. It's not overly offensive, but has that slight zinc cream smell, which does eventually go away.

I definitely don't think I'm the only girl who doesn't appreciate having dull and pale skin during winter, so to combat this, I use a gradual tanner, such as the Dove Summer Glow. It leaves your skin with a gorgeous looking glow, without it looking artificial and also has more of a nutty/cocoa butter smell instead of the typical self tanner smell. I also find, by incorporating a gradual tanner in with my Autumn/Winter skin care regime, it also reminds me to keep up with exfoliating my skin, so it removes all the dry, flaky skin and also keeps my tan looking fresh and smooth.

My 4th go-to product is a trusty tube of Paw-Paw Balm. This one from Natures Care is 100% natural and is also petrochemical free, which means it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that are in Petroleum Jelly. Similar to the coconut oil, this too is a great all-rounder product. I use it for my hands, feet, body and lips. It's also great for giving a gorgeous shine to your skin on a night out, such as over your legs and arms. The handy thing about this specific product, is it comes in a compact 30g tube, which means it's perfect, for your handbag, car, desk, school locker, everywhere !

And finally, one of my most go-to lip balms would have to be the "Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color" in Pink Lolita. The awesome thing about this lip balm is not only that it's moisturising to the lips, but it also gives a gorgeous hint of colour, which is perfect if you're not wanting to wear an actual lip-gloss or lipstick, but still wanting some colour on your lips. It promises to provide 6 hour hydration, though I can't really agree with that - as mine often wears off through the day - it definitely does provide your lips with plenty of moisture and doesn't leave them with that typical dry and chapped feeling once it's worn off, plus it also contains an SPF 16. If you're wanting to see what it looks like on the lip, I featured it in my previous post "Valentine's Day Makeup Looks"

I hope you all enjoyed my skin saviour products for surviving Autumn/Winter weather.
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