Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Organic Makeup from World Organics

Hello Lovelies,

Long long long time no see ! Some of you may be wondering where I have been hiding or what I've been up to, given that I have been away from blogging and YouTube for quite a while now. No need to worry though, a post will be going up very soon explaining where I have been. The reason why I am here today is to introduce you guys to an incredible brand, World Organics.

L-R: Purely Primer, Cream Concealer, Luminizer

World Organics have added 3 brand new products to its range, including organic primers - certified vegan, organic luminizers and organic concealers.

The Cream Luminizer in "Lunar" creates a gorgeous natural glow across the high points of the face, but can also be built up for more of a sheen across the skin. I particularly love blending this product along my collarbones, when I'm wearing an off the shoulder top.

For those of you that suffer from redness, discolouration, or just prefer a high coverage base, their Cream Concealer is perfect for those areas that need a little more coverage. It's thick yet creamy texture, means it blends flawlessly across the skin, without looking cakey, or like you've applied it too generously.

When it comes to primers, I can be quite picky. I want something that hydrates my skin, doesn't react strangely with my foundation and gives a smooth texture to my skin. I can safely say that the Purely Primer in "Lunar" does all those things. It also has a really yummy orange scent when first applied to the skin, which slowly disappears as it's rubbed into the skin.

If you're wanting to check out any of the World Organics range, it can be found at the link below

World Organics



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