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NB Slimming Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit

Hello lovelies !

I am so so sorry for being away for so long - almost 2 months in fact. September and October are quite busy months for me and along with that, I've been feeling a little unmotivated and uninspired, but with a fresh drastic hair cut and some time off, I am back and ready to jump straight back into blogging !
I wanted to return with a bang and introduce you all to this amazing product that I have been testing out for a few months now. I was gifted this Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit* from the gorgeous Nicola Bird and her company.

I've always been intrigued with these additional steps that can be taken to help achieve the body you desire. So when I was given the opportunity to test this clay body wrap, I couldn't wait to try it out ! When you purchase the Body Wrap Kit, it comes with a 500ml tub of the contouring clay, as well as 3 compression bandages, a measuring tape and a leaflet with instructions on how to wrap, if you are unsure on how to do it. The clay contains 70 different minerals which help detoxify the body, helping it feel firmer and more slimmed down. It's also great if you've lost some weight or have given birth and you're wanting to tighten you skin and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.

So far I have used this 4 times - since the end of July - before events where I've worn tight and form-fitting clothing. As my problem area is my lower stomach, I wrapped from just above my pubic bone to slightly above my waist, to help tighten that area.
Each time I used the wrap, I lost a few more centimeters than what I had preciously lost, so my hip measurement hadn't returned back to its original size. In total through the 4 wraps, I have lost 9cm. I know 9cms may not seem a lot to some people, but its perfect for just before a big event when you need to feel just that little bit more toned and tightened in your trouble areas and it gives you that added bit of confidence when wearing a tight piece of clothing.

If you're wanting to see maximum results from your wraps, I'd recommend wearing shape-wear over the compression bandage if possible. I noticed when I wore a pair of high waisted shape-wear briefs, there was a larger difference in the cm's lost, compared to when I used the compression bandages alone. The directions say to keep the wrap on for 60 minutes, but there were a couple of times where I fell asleep with the wrap on and woke up the next morning and removed it. The great thing about the clay is that it doesn't need to be washed off, once you've removed the wrap, as the clay will continue to work on the skin. The ingredients are also 100% naturals, so you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals on your skin, or absorbing into your body.

Obviously this kit it to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. You need to be realistic with these kind of weight loss assisting products, as they aren't going to magically make you loose 20 kilos over night. In saying that, they will make a difference to your body and give you that extra motivation

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to add to their weight loss program or looking for a little body confidence boost before a big event ! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I'd love to know if this is something you would be interested in trying and your thoughts on it.

The Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit as well as many more incredible products can be found at the website below:
NB Slimming
They ship Worldwide ! :)


I was thinking of ways to revamp my blog and thought I would start daily series such as :

Make-up Crush Mondays: 1 make-up product I'm loving that week
Quick Tip Tuesdays: A super quick and easy make-up tip
Wishful Wednesdays: 1 make-up product I'm lusting over, ie: A high end product
Thrifty Thursdays: Super Affordable make-up that is good quality, or tricks on how to get the most use out of products.
Then upload my weekly video on Friday

If this is something you guys would be interested in, then definitely let me know, also if there are any other suggestions you'd like to make, I'd love to hear them ! :)

Have an incredible rest of the week and weekend and I will see you all later on in the week with a new video !

Veroniieecar :) xx


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