Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Post Christmas Priceline Haul - Part 1

Hello Lovelies,When I headed on down to my local Priceline store a couple of weeks ago for the post Christmas sales – can I get an amen?! – I thought what better way to kick start my arrival into the big scary world of the blogosphere then to do a haul on all the goodies I purchased. So here it goes! : ) 

Models Prefer Mattifying Primer
In all honestly I have never really been one to wear primer, I've tried it here and there but never really stuck to it. Though I suffer from large pores around my nose and sometimes an oily T-zone, normally I can’t be bothered making the effort to cover them up. None the less, while walking around Priceline I came across the Models Prefer Mattifying Primer. It promises to smooth and perfect skin as well as minimise fine lines and pores, while mattifying the skin at the same time! I definitely did notice a difference when it came to the mattifying side of it - my ALMAY foundation works well on its own, but I definitely did notice that my pores became less visible and my skin much smoother, which meant putting on foundation was a breeze.

ALMAY TLC truly lasting color™ makeup - 140 buff
I first discovered this foundation probably about 2 years ago. My sister had bought it, but didn’t really feel the need to use it. So of course, I gladly took it off her hands and immediately fell in love with the foundation. After I finished the 1st bottle I discontinued using it; I couldn’t justify spending $32 on an everyday “drugstore” foundation, but when Priceline had its sale, I jumped at the chance and treated myself to a bottle. With a smooth creamy texture and a medium to full buildable coverage, this is a perfect everyday foundation; it provides a flawless, but still natural finish. The product is both hypoallergenic and oil free which means it won’t clog your pores – added bonus! I was able to wear this foundation all day, only using setting powder when I first applied it. My skin didn’t become oily looking or shiny, even after 12 hours. Definitely a highly recommended product if you’re looking for a good coverage foundation for normal to oily skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer – 010 Ivory
I am incredible picky when it comes to concealers. I don’t like when they have an incredibly dewy finish, but I also hate when they dry out my spots like the Sahara desert. When I found Rimmel’s Stay matte Dual Action Concealer, I was slightly hesitant at first, but to my surprise, the finish was absolutely perfect. The outer ring of the concealer stick is the skin tone section to help conceal blemishes, while the centre is a green based concealer to help cover up any redness, as well as containing Cucumber, cotton and chamomile extract to help heal the spot. I would not recommend this as an under eye concealer, as I tried it out and creased quite a bit even when set with powder, but it is definitely a perfect concealer if you’re wanting to hide any spots or blemishes you may have.

ModelsPrefer  Mystique Soft Touch Blush – Charisma
Having such fair skin, I often struggle to find a bronzer that gives me the contouring I’m after without the product looking “muddy” on my skin. That is why I more often than not turn to blush to creature some dimension to my face. When I came across this ModelsPrefer blush, I immediately fell in love with the colour. With a peachy pink tone and a very light shimmer, it is a colour that flatters any skin tone. Packed in a sturdy box container with a flip top lid – similar to Benefits “Box o’ powders” , it also includes a compact brush which fits perfectly inside the casing.

As there were quite a few products and not wanting to bore you all, I have split the haul into 2 parts. Stay tuned for part 2 of the haul, which is made up of eye and lip products. If any of you have tried these products, I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on how the products worked for you : )Veroniieecar xx :)


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